Main wear types of mining picks


When cutting coal and rock, the mining pick will bear high intermittent impact load. The hard micro convex points on the surface of the mining pick will be deformed. Repeated extrusion will lead to plastic flow on the soft surface nearby and accumulation on the sub surface layer of the mining pick.

At the same time, when cutting coal rock with mining pick, because the wear heat causes high temperature of 600-800 ℃ on the wear surface of the cutter head, and the mining pick cutting coal rock is a periodic rotary motion, so the temperature rise is alternating. When the cutter head contacts the coal rock, the temperature rises, and when it leaves the coal rock, the temperature drops, which causes high temperature tempering on the top of the mining pick. Its structure is generally tempered sorbite and ferrite, which are hard The degree of wear is reduced by 50%, which accelerates the wear of mining pick.

Due to the constant change of temperature on the surface of mining pick, the surface of material is further softened, resulting in the wave type plastic flow and the increase of dislocation density in the plastic area, repeated elastic-plastic deformation, and dislocation concentration, and then transverse microcracks appear on the surface, which is a typical thermal fatigue wear.

Therefore, abrasive wear and thermal fatigue wear are the main wear forms of mining pick facing soil. After the base material of the mining pick is worn, the cemented carbide loses its support, which causes the cemented carbide to fall off and the mining pick to fail quickly.

In order to prolong the service life of the mining pick and protect the cemented carbide better, Shandong ruidrill overlays the wear-resistant layer around the cemented carbide of the mining pick. The wear-resistant hardfacing layer of mining pick, with its good comprehensive damage resistance, protects the mining pick head from strong wear and premature failure, and has been widely used in mechanized comprehensive mining production.

The characteristics of using mining pick surfacing equipment: there is no crack in the weld after welding, the weld does not fall off during use, and the surfacing layer has good anti cracking ability. The hardness of the welding wire for mining pick surfacing can reach 64hrc after welding, its wear resistance is 4 times of martensitic surfacing alloy and 2 times of high chromium surfacing alloy.

In conclusion, the main wear forms of mining pick are not only those mentioned above. It is recommended to select the manufacturer of mining pick according to the manufacturer's customer evaluation, after-sales service or company scale. Such manufacturer will generally provide more detailed repair of mining pick after wear.

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